Physician with Machine Learning skills will team up.

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Still no invitation...

still no right invitation to team...

Can't believe still no right invitation to team...

still no right invitation to team...

Update on email, it is


I may be interested in teaming up.  My team name is CreativSolutions.  I got up to a ranking of 75 or so, but haven't worked on this in a while.

Can you tell me a bit about your background, you can send it to  I tried your email above, but it looks incorrect as it has 2 @ symbols.


I just double-checked the contest rules, Oct 3 was the deadline for team mergers.

Well, I am sorry that you waited for so long, I asked on the forum If is it possible for me to still merge with single contestant or team given I have never made a submission....

I can still ofer consulting help for $$$ or promise of share in prize ?

Would this be legal "Kaggle" ?

You can share code outside of the teams ...

But I don't think there is ban on sharing ideas ?

What you say "Kaggle" ?

No right invitation after all :(



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