Hi DanB,

Interesting. That "abs" is a typo for "fabs", but the two compilers I tested happened to have "double abs(double)", so I missed it. Thanks much for catching this.

Could you please change "abs(w)" in Line 232 of rgf1.2/src/tet/AzTree.cpp to "fabs(w)"?
If you run into further problems, please email to "Contact" in the readme.


Congratulations to the Milestone 3 winners.
Question for crescendo:

Hi Rie,

In section 4.1 of crescendo_milestone3.pdf (Blending to produce the winning submission), you discuss the approximate ridge regression solution using Leaderboard scores, and note that:

||p(j) - y||^2 can be approximated by n*sj where sj is the Leaderboard score of the j-th run pj.

If the leaderboard scores are root mean squared errors, shouldn't that be n*sj*sj rather than n*sj, or am I confused?


-- Dave Slate

Hi David,

David wrote> shouldn't that be nsjsj rather than n*sj, or am I confused?

Right. That's a typo. That s_j should have a superscript "2".




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