Law confuses me so some basic questions

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Thanks a lot!

Gerold, SAS is already approved.

Do you mean "Stata"? If not, what's "Stat"?

I meant the statistic modul of SAS. If SAS is appoved in total than the question is answered.
What's about SPSS?

Matlab SVM and NN are fine. Still checking on the rest.

What about Risk Solver, a commercially available add-in for excel? (Available from Frontline Solvers)

Can someone confirm whether MS Sql (Other than Sql Express), IE Sql 2000, 2005, 2008 would be accepted for managing the data prior to processing?

We've received permission from HHN to grant approval for this additional requested software:

  *   Matlab NN package
* Matlab Bioinformatics package
* Standalone CART 6.0 PRO
* Standalone MARS 2.0 PRO
* Standalone TreeNet 2.0 PRO
* BayesiaLab

So that would be a "NO" to my original question?

I'll reply to that this week.


SPSSS, Stata, Microsoft SQL, IE SQL... all fine. 



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