@Lucidrains, If I had the ability to do infinite submissions, I could hit the server hundreds of times a day with semi-random submissions until I hit on a solution with a great score.

yeah, i understand, but once a day? i'm looking at the number of teams, and it just seems like for only 500 players, a well optimized server shouldn't even sweat if submissions were increased 10x a day.

this is just my perspective as a server administrator and website owner...

@lucidrains, You may be misunderstanding me.  The issue isn't one of server load.  The issue is that I could use a high number of submissions as a modeling technique.

yeah no i get that for sure. i just think once a day is a tad bit too infrequent. but that's just me.

thanks for the prompt response!

Any news regarding this issue? I strongly support the idea of having a submission queue!

I propose a very simple submission queue of 10 days (10 submissions) for the very simple reason of going on vacation and not wanting to lose submission chances.  Also the queue should be editable so that you can change your 10 submissions if your technique radically changes in the meantime.

While I don't think it's necessary to build an API, I think allowing this feature on the webpage would be really helpful (and less sadistic on Kaggle's part... had to log during memorial day weekend....) while not really affecting the nature of what is currently going on in the competition.


I think even if we didn't have an automatic queue - even having a little side cache of files on kaggle that you could then manually submit would be nice. That way I could use my smart phone when out and choose it instead of driving all the way back to my place to make a submission.

An API would be great.  Is there any chance of this (we can implement our own queues and manage them ourselves!)?


We're attracted to the idea of having a 'bank' of extra submissions (besides the daily limit). Among other reasons, this would definitely be nice for people joining the contest late. I think it would be small, maybe 10 or so?

An API or a bank of submissions are also nice ideas -- not sure when we'd get to them, but I like it. But a small bank of submissions might be a smaller/easy quick improvement. (Yeah, I realize they're really two separate issues.)



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