"We need innovative thinking to solve one of the biggest dilemmas of our time – ever-rising health care costs. The Heritage Health Prize is an example of what the private sector is willing to do to encourage that type of thinking."
Michael O. Leavitt
former Secretary of Health & Human Services
Congressman David Dreier
"The Heritage Health Prize taps into what has always been the key to our most significant advances: American ingenuity. Through innovation and creativity, we will tackle the challenge of improving patient care while reducing inefficiencies. I applaud the Heritage Provider Network for this important work."
"Health care suffers not from a lack of data, but a lack of data applied in a way that helps improve patient care while lowering costs. This challenge will help fill that gap."
Glenn Melnick
Senior Economist at the RAND Corp. and Blue Cross of California Chair of Health Care Finance at the University of Southern California
Gray Davis
California's 37th Governor
"Access to high quality affordable healthcare is essential to a bright future. Under the leadership of Dr. Richard Merkin, Heritage Provider Network is leading the charge to solve the dual problem of soaring medical costs and patient access. By challenging some of society's brightest minds to develop reliable and accurate predictive modeling, physicians will be able to deploy enhanced preventative care while also reducing costly and avoidable hospitalizations. Dr. Merkin's leadership is a prime example of private sector innovation that improves patient care and eliminates unnecessary and wasteful costs."
"I would like to commend Dr. Richard Merkin and the Heritage Provider Network for their generosity and for encouraging research in the health care system – research that will develop preventative health care solutions. I believe that identifying illnesses before they become debilitating can minimize the costs associated with, as well as the need for, providing expensive emergency and responsive care. I am hopeful that the $3 million Heritage Health Prize will stimulate a robust competition."
Brad Sherman